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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Guess Who's In the Kitchen?

Hey Guys! Guess what? My parents took me back down to my favorite place to eat and stay- The Peter Shields Inn & Restaurant, in Cape May and it was E-P-I-C!
Check me out- how cool is that?
Chef Carl Messick, as usual, turned out a simply fantastic dinner and remains my culinary HERO! Can't say enough about his amazing food or his awesome personality.  If you are vacationing in Cape May or live anywhere near the tri-state area, (NY, NJ, PA) you really must go down to the PSI and sample it for yourself!
I'm so excited in this picture I could barely contain myself!
 This time, I chose to start with the Truffle Potato Leek Bisque with smoked Trout. The bisque is creamy and thick, without being too heavy. The smoked trout is a wonderful addition, but the little hit of thyme surprised my palette and made it super happy. What great flavor!

Next came a beautiful Scottish salmon over cous cous with an English Pea Puree. I actually wanted to lick my dish it was so good! (Don't wory, I would never really do something low budget like that in the PSI dining room, no matter how tempted I am to do it! LOL)

 My little sister said, "Well, it's official. I'm in love with my salmon and cous cous!" LOL
And then, the time came for one serious entree: The Wagyu steak! Chef Carl serves it with braised short ribs over a truffle risotto with baby carrots, which was just about the most outrageously delicous combo someone could think of. Everyone at my table hounded me until I gave them a little taste- and they loved it just as much as I did!  There was not one bite left. I devoured it.

For desert I ordered the Chocolate Pana Cotta,  Cocoa Nibs White Chocolate Ice Cream, pecan Dried Fruit  Bark and Rasberry Coulis.  Wow. It was as impressive as it's name.Seriously- fabulous!

If I had to sum it all up in just a few thoughts,  after the last dinner service  and experience prepared for me by Chef Carl,  (on my birthday, back in July) I really didn't think it could get any better. But I was WRONG. The spring menu is something you simply don't want to miss!! Special thanks to our server Amy, who was super sweet and very attentive!

Again, just when I didn't think my stay could get any better, when I woke up the next morning, Ms. Bridget Fowler, the Inn Manager at the PSI hooked me up! Miss Bridget is amazing and allowed me to help her out in the kitchen- Thank you so much Miss Bridget. And I  have to give a great big shout out and thanks to Mr. Jeff (the owner) who couldn't be more gracious or welcoming to this little fanatical foodie.

Check me out everyone! Disney is right, dreams do come true-

I had the BEST time ever in the kitchen with Miss Bridget (and Kyra) in the kitchen. Those are chocolate muffins I am spooning out in this picture.  My Dad said they taste like "Little bites of  chocolate heaven that melt in your mouth." 

Doesn't this look inviting? It snowed the weekend we stayed. We made lots of new friends and the fireplace sitting area was a great gathering spot for all the guests to mingle.



  1. Oh my gosh that meal sounds completely amazing! I know I would love this restaurant for sure! And, as always, I am impressed with your knowledge of food.

    What a great surprise, to be able to work in the kitchen. You are on your way, Faith!

  2. The place seems amazing. I may have actually licked my plate, lol.