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Monday, September 3, 2012

Hi Remember Me?

Hi - Remember me? Sorry I haven't posted in such a long  time, but this summer has been CRAZY!

My summer vacation has been filled with  lots of birthdays, parties, fun, and most  importantly, FOOD. My goal is starting September 13th, to be posting more regularly (like every week to two weeks) once I get back to my normal schedule.

School is very important to me and I try very hard to achieve straight A's all year long. That is why in the  summer it's harder for me to focus and write. I also like to give my brain a nice long break.  LOL

My next post will be going up very soon.  If I didn't have to go school shopping today, I would have already been done with my next review. Look for  it in the  very near future, I am reviewing the cafeteria inside the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA. An outstanding place to visit and (surprisingly) eat!

Catch you later!



  1. Hello Faith
    My name is Matt and I own Bumblebee Bakeshop.
    Your mom just came in and told me about your fantastic blog. Its wonderful to see how much passion you have for food. If you ever have any questions about desserts, pastries, breads chocolate...ect.... don't hesitate to look me up.
    Happy baking!

  2. Hello Matt! It's so nice to meet you. I'd love to stop by the bakery and meet/talk to you. My mom told me how amazing your treats were! My Auntie gave me a taste of hers, and I would have to agree! It was amazing. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting.