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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Franklin Food Works

Hi guys! Really sorry  that I'm a day late with this post, but I just had toe surgery and my foot hurts really bad. Now- on to my review. Today I am reviewing the Franklin Foodworks. 

Let me start by saying, I was very surprised at the variety and overall selection The Franklin Food Works offers. They have everything from grilled flank steaks to cheese pizza! This is what Faith's a Foodie is talking about! I love variety and lots of choices like this. So the kids that want the same old chicken nuggets, can get them, but a kid like ME can have something a little different. YAY!
It was my sister's birthday and the cashier, gave her a free ice cream! This is Hall. He was so nice!

We arrived at the Food Works around 12:30 so it was at the hight of the lunch time rush. It was crowded, (and a little loud) but clean and the servers were extremely nice.  It is set up cafeteria style and has very reasonable prices. I sampled a little of every one's food. That included: myself, my two sisters, my dad, my mom and my grandma. We had:

1. Chicken Caesar Salad
2. French Fries
3. Chicken fingers
4. Grilled chicken sandwhich
5. Minestrone soup
6. Corn Chowder (vegan, gluten and dairy free)
7. Chilli
8. Turkey Club
9. Chicken salad sandwhich

My chicken caesar salad had garlicky, buttery, homemade croutons that were delish! It was a big portion, with nice white chicken breast and fresh romaine lettuce. I liked it a lot. The french fries were flash fried and SO good. (Even my grandma had some, and she doesn't eat fries very often)
Me, really enjoying my fries!

The chicken fingers were large, good quality and cook perfectly. The grilled chicken sandwhich was tender and juicy and the portion of chicken breast was nice.

My favorite thing about the Food Works was the soups. You may sample any of the soups you'd like, for  free. And I like! So, my favorite was the minestrone. The base was well seasoned and it was chock full of veg and beans. Loved it!

If you are Kosher, or need  a dairy free choice, a vegan or vegetarian, the  Corn Chowder would be the way to go. My mom ordered it and wanted to lick her bowl! I tasted it, and liked it very much. It's wonderful to have all of these options.

All in all, I was very surpised at how much we liked our experience and food at the Franklin Food Works, and can't wait to go back again.
On the weekend, the Franklin has Kitchen Science Programs! Cool thing to check out.

Remember, if it's not yum, don't eat some!

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  1. Great review! You always wonder about those kinds of places. I love Caesar salads and those buttery croutons would be a favorite of mine :)