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Thursday, April 17, 2014

A-Z Challenge Letter O for Oh no you didn't Olive Garden!

A-Z Challenge- Letter O. Last night I went out to eat at the Olive Garden. It was not a pleasant experience. We only went there because my cousin Kyle is obsessed with the Mozzarella Fonduta. We were a party of eight, it was 6:00 p.m. and the place was packed.  They seated us relatively quick (within 20 minutes). Which was a good thing because we were hungry! That was the last thing they did right.

I ordered the steak gorgonzola alfredo and so did my dad. When my order came out, even though I asked for my steak well done, it was rare. Not just a little rare either; it looked like tartare!  So my dad gave me his meal and waited for them to send him another. When the next order came out, guess what? It was also RAW. It happened three times! Three times is way too many for steak to be sent out raw. Chef Ramsey would have jumped down their throats and cussed them out for sure. I know mistakes happen, but come on? I was ready to run back into the kitchen and make my dad a steak the way he wanted it, and I'm 12!!

My poor Aunt ordered this chicken and shrimp dish which she has had many times before, and it came out so spicy hot she couldn't eat it. When she's eaten it before it has never has been so hot. We think the chef had an accident with the crushed red pepper. It's only supposed to be a "shake". Instead, he dumped about a cup on the plate. We hate to send food back, and we already had to do it three times! My Aunt Shell decided to ask for more Parmesan cheese and some plain marinara sauce to pour over top instead. She thought that might help and she could try and finish her dish. Ultimately, she couldn't enjoy any of it because it was just too hot.  We thought that this would be the end of the screw ups, but it wasn't! Because my cousin only eats a few things, we specially ordered more of the mozzarella fonduta for him (to go). We should have checked the bag, because when we got home, there  was no fonduta to be found!! We had to drive all the way back to the stupid Olive Garden and get the right order. OY VEY!!

The manager came out, to personally apologize to us, because of all the screw ups that happened. It  was not the best showing for Olive Garden, that's for sure.  What was the worst restaurant screw up that has happened to you?


  1. I guess I've been very fortunate because it has never been that bad anywhere I've eaten.

    I made your Impossible Bacon Quiche with imitation bacon, of course, last night. It was wonderful and so easy.

    1. That's good! I'm glad you never had a bad experience. I'm also happy you liked my quiche recipe!!

  2. Sometimes it depends on the locations. I've been to Olive Gardens that were awesome and some that seriously lacked.
    The worst for me a was restaurant where my meal never came. I told them to cancel once everyone else had eaten and when the bill came, my food was on there. Needless to say, I got a free soda out of the deal.

    1. Oh no! That's awful. A free soda doesn't seem like good enough compensation for missing your meal-

      I think you are right about the Olive Garden. We have one closer to our house that's always good. We were out of our area and at a different location. Plus, the place was packed. Still, I expected a little better from the kitchen.