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Friday, April 24, 2015

A-Z Letter U is for "Uh-oh"

U is for uh-oh. Because I dropped the ball with my T post. I had a super busy day yesterday, but I really thought I would have enough time to go to school, get my homework done, have dinner with my grandparents, attend the science fair and still get my T post done. Complete epic failure. I'm so sorry! I have every intention of posting that recipe for Thai soup and keeping up with the rest of this challenge. I promise to come back later and post it. In the meanwhile, TGIF everyone. Because I am sure glad the weekend is  here and I can rest up before another round of busy events and commitments steal me and my time away!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey no problem, and no apologies necessary. You are one busy young lady and the things you listed are far more important than A to Z. As you can see, I'm constantly playing catch-up, and don't tell anyone, but the things in my life are no where near as important right now as the things in yours.

    Now I'm onto get that soup recipe and I see also a recipe for 'Vodka Sauce'. I love good Vodka sauce and have never made my own.