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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

E is for Emergency and F is for Full Stop

Sorry guys but I have to interrupt Faith's regularly scheduled blog posts for E& F of the A-Z Challenge. E will have to stand for Emergency because that's where Faith wound up the day after Easter. At Urgent Care with a bad, bad bacterial infection in her lungs. Poor kid is really hurting and is on all kinds of scripts that has left her head swimming... It's brought my little foodie to a "F"ull Stop. Please accept Faith's sincere apology for missing letters E&F. We are praying after a couple days of rest she will be feeling good as new and will be able to join back in on all the A-Z fun.  Thanks!!


  1. I'm sorry, Faith!! Just get better and start back up when you're ready.

  2. I hate hearing this. Get better real quickly. We'll be here waiting and praying for you.

  3. Take care Faith!! We had that lung ick go through our house and it as a nasty little bugger. I still have the cough. (Tell your mom you need spoiled...special gifts and treats...because you're suffering!)