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Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for The Chicken or the Egg

          The Chicken or the Egg (aka the Chegg) is a wonderful restaurant that my family and I go to as much as possible during the summer. This restaurant is on Long Beach Island. Since it is on LBI, and only open during the summer, tons of tourists and regulars are there every day. The average wait, even on a weekday is about forty-five minutes. The amazing food, cool atmosphere, and service is what makes this such a great  place.

          This restaurant is well known for their chicken wings and breakfast. They have mastered 16 different sauces. There are sweet and tangy sauces along with extremely spicy ones. The Chegg was actually featured on the TV show "Man Vs. Food" for their Ludicrous wings. These wings contain the hottest pepper in the world which is the Ghost Chili Pepper. But the wings are not the only great thing on the menu. This restaurant is also known for their very extensive and delicious breakfast menu. Another favorite of mine is the buffalo chicken salad. First of all, this was the biggest salad I have ever gotten served at a restaurant. It is full of tomatoes, onions, croutons, crumbled blue cheese, and buffalo chicken tenders. You can pick the sauce and dressing that you want with it. My favorite sauce is the mild; it has just enough heat for me.

          When my family and I go to the Chegg, we usually go on a Wednesday because Wednesdays are "wing nights". On wing night, the orders of wings are discounted and endless. We end up eating way more wings than we should because they are so good. Another unique thing about the Chegg's wings besides the sauces are the size of the wings. Until I first went to the Chegg, I had never seen chicken wings this large. They are huge!

          No matter what you order at the Chicken or the Egg, it is alll great food. The portions and prices are also very reasonable. My family never has a problem waiting to get into the resataurant. If you ever decide to come to the Jersey Shore, make sure to visit this little dive!!

The Chegg is open 24/7 and during every hour, there ARE people at the Chegg.
This is just one example of the many omlettes that are on the menu.
As you can see, they do not give small portions.
These are the mild wings. You can get them breaded or naked.
I really enjoy the breaded wings because the breading absorbs
the sauce really well. 


  1. What a fun place. That omelette looks yummy. It also looks like it could serve about four people.

  2. The Ghost Chili Pepper - I remember that episode of Man vs. Food!! Wow, cool you've eaten there.

  3. I love wings. Never thought to put them in a salad. Hmm. I'm a mild sauce girl myself. I don't need to light my lips on fire!

  4. I was hoping that "C" might be for Chinese Food! LOL But, I'm glad I found your blog... and congratulations for completing the Challenge!

    --Mee The Chinese Quest)