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Thursday, April 2, 2015

B is for Brie en Croute

          Brie en croute is a delicious French appetizer. There really isn't a set recipe for this because is so easy and no matter what you add in, it will still taste good. There are three components to this: brie cheese, puff pastry dough (I personally use store bought dough to make this even easier), and the filling of your choice. To make this, you first roll out the dough into a circle. Then you add in the brie. I advise that you buy the wheel of brie. To make one of these, cut the brie wheel in half horizontally. You take one of the now thinner wheels and lay it in the middle of the dough. On top of the cheese, scoop on a filling. Some of my favorite fillings are sauted mushrooms and onions, lingenberry compote, and cherry habenero sauce(keep an eye out for this sauce. It will be reapearing during another post). After everything is added, fold the dough so that it reaches over the cheese and fillings. Make sure that everything is covered so the melty cheese and/or fillings don't pour out. Look at the directions on the prepared dough to see how to properly heat the oven. Cook until it is golden brown on the outside. Here are some examples that we have made in the past:

These are mini Brie en Croutes that are filled with
habenero cherry sauce.
These are filled with lingenberry compote and
topped with some chopped pecans. 
This is a large brie en croute that has sauted
mushrooms and onions inside. *This is the family favorite
(hence the  overall size and tons of extra mushrooms and onions surrounding it).*


  1. Looks delicious. Wifey would love the sauted mushrooms and onions.

  2. Those are so pretty! I'm not convinced I could do it as well as you did!

  3. I have made this before. Now I need your cherry habenaro fing to make it perfect,