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Thursday, April 16, 2015

N is for Nice Bread

           In my family, bread is not just a carb. It is a utensil and is often personified. There is always some sort of bread in my house. But there are two different types of bread: "nice bread" and "the bread".

         "The bread" is used when talking about a loaf of something like whole wheat or white bread. But if it is called "nice bread" then it is a loaf of Italian bread or semolina bread, and sometimes it may even be a baguette. Most of the time it is a type of Italian bread that gets called "nice". My grandma says this every time that she describes certain breads. I honestly don't know why she says this, but it is almost like bread is not an inanimate object.

          For my family, bread is not just something to eat on the side of pasta. We use it as a utensil. Once you finish your bowl of pasta, there is always sauce left over in the bowl. So what we do is use the bread and wipe the bowl clean. Then the delicious sauce is not wasted but instead sopped up in your bread. This is not something to do at a restaurant, but it is what happens naturally at home once we are finished.

          Bread is a wonderful thing. I love bread no matter what people say about carbs, I still enjoy it completely. If I was allowed to, I probably would eat a whole loaf of bread with my meal. It does not matter if you treat bread as a person or as a utensil. It is still great!

Examples of nice bread.
A type of  "the bread"


  1. We like bread as well. It is not evil or a bad carb. And great with dips when you get that nice bread!

  2. That is so true. We love bread in dips and bruschettas, too!!

  3. I too love bread. Unfortunately, I was recently diagnosed with a non-specified grain allergy that really kicks off my auto immuine disease. I'm learning how to make bread with different type of flours like nut flour and coconut flour. It's not quite the same, but I keep experimenting.

  4. I love bread! My husband recently ordered French flour to make bread at home. It makes such a difference in the taste!