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Monday, April 20, 2015

Q is for "Qu'est-ce que c'est, Francais?

          In English, that translates to "what is that, French". I took French for my third marking period elective in school. My last day of the class was this past Friday. I really enjoyed taking French and  I knew how to speak some prior to taking the class, but now I know a very good amount.

          For my career path, I know that I will need to learn many French terms. Therefore, I will be taking French as my language. Ironically, my French teacher was a chef for ten years. She became very excited when she found out that I wanted to be a chef. Once I said that, she knew that I would most likely be taking French next year and that I would be her student. She started telling me all about how there is this huge restaurant supply store in France. It is six whole stories high! I was basically drooling at the fact of how there is such a large and regarded store at the disposal of the French. My teacher was saying how the entire first floor is dedicated to molds and baking pans. That is insane!

          The French are very meticulous about the food they eat. Every French dish, from a sandwich to the most complex meal is executed with care and thought. My teacher made a pain ao chocolat for every one of her students for the last day of the class. The buttery croissant with melty chocolate inside was the perfect end to French. What is your favorite French food or specific dish? Until tomorrow, au revoir!

What a typical pain au chocolat would look like. Yum!
P.S.- If you know French, then you would notice that there is know cedilla under the "c" in the word Francais. It is really bugging me because I could not figure out how to type the French accent marks. Uhhh (I am a perfectionist and these things really bug me)!


  1. French is such a romantic language. I always wanted to learn it, but I went to a small school and was lucky to get to take Spanish.

    You are a perfectionist! No, I didn't notice :)


  2. Ah, 'pain o choclat', my favorite. Unfortunately, again those danged ole grain allergies has left this one off my diet. I love most things French and even speak the language. I wish you luck with it, but I'm sure you will do fine. My dream is to one day visit France and some of those wonderful little cafes.

    I too feel frustrated with the computer and it's shortcomings. But, then I remember hey, it's the computer and not me.