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Thursday, April 16, 2015

M is for My Bad / Mexican Fiesta

          I am SO sorry that I was able to post yesterday. From the time that I woke up to the time I was able to go to bed, I was doing something. I did not have one extra minute in the day. After I got home from school I did part of an essay. Then I went to the library for a special program for people who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. After that, I went to youth group. Then it was time for my homework and studying for my quarterly exams because it is the end of the marking period. By the time I was able to go to bed, it was very late and I just did not get time for my M post. So here is my late M post...

          Even though my whole family is Italian, we all love Mexican food, and my uncle especially does. So for his 40th birthday, we threw him a Mexican fiesta. And of course, like many family gatherings, we had it at my house. My mom's whole family was there making it a psychotic and huge party. There was so much food that it didn't all fit in the kitchen. My mom had to set up several tables so that all of the food would fit. It was insane!! We had everything from nachos to fajitas. We had pork tacos, regular taco meat, chicken fajitas with peppers and onions, and nachos. That was a fraction of the food that was here. The amount of food and dessert could probably feed ten families. But for some reason, my grandma's biggest party fear is that we will not have enough food. For every party my family has an excessive amount of food, but she always thinks that there will not be enough. So she always makes a ton of food and my mom and I always make a ton of food. Uhhh, the problems of a bunch of fat Italians.

          Since my family has had multiple Mexican fiestas, we even have a fiesta station. It is basically a machine that has heating vats on the bottom and a tortilla warmer on top with places for multiple toppings attached on the side. This time, we filled it with nacho cheese, refried beans, tortillas, and a bunch of taco fixings like lettuce and tomatoes. This is what it looks like...

This was such a great purchase for fiesta endeavours!

          Overall, I love Mexican fiestas with my family! Although they are a bit hectic, they are so much fun. What are your favorite type of family parties?

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  1. I love Mexican food. As a vegetarian, it's pretty easy to eat Mexican. Good think I like rice and beans.