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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

R is for Real Butter

          I love the taste of real butter. I know it sounds weird, but butter has such a great taste to me. I eat butter on everything from a simple slice of white bread to hot dogs. In my opinion, butter makes just about everything taste better. But if your think that is odd, my cousin is even worse than me. He used to eat butter on nothing, just straight up chunks of real butter. That is just crazy!
The picture speaks for itself.

          Let's face, real butter is the best. It tastes and works so much better than margarine. It really doesn't matter to me that margarine is said to be better for you. You just can't get the same effect of frying something in butter as you can with margarine.

          Besides the way that margarine performs, you mustn't forget the actual taste. Butter has such a rich and creamy texture with the slight taste of salt. Margarine tastes exactly like what it is; faux butter. Margarine is made of multiple things such as oils, water, and egg yolks. Eww, that does not seem appetizing to me whatsoever.
That does not look appetizing. Eww.

          Although sometimes you can substitute butter for margarine, most of the time it does not come out just right. I have made multiple dishes using margarine, but never have I made a dish better when using it. Everything tastes better with real butter.

          Overall, I cannot say that I only use butter. For health reasons alone, my family uses margarine quite often, but we always keep a package of butter in the fridge. There are some things that you need butter for, like in baking so that is when we use butter.

My thoughts exactly.


  1. There are a lot of new theories that say margarine is NOT better for you than butter, in moderation, of course. I think it's always better to go the natural route, butter vs. margarine when you can. And, there's nothing to sacrifice but taste and nothing beats the taste of real butter.

  2. Butter always tastes better to me, but not my cholesterol. Ha. Bake me some chocolate chip cookies Faith. But not with marjarine. Thank you very much.

  3. We gave up margarine for butter and our cholesterol levels went down. My cousin is a research biologist and she told to to stick with butter because it's more natural and the body knows how to digest it, unlike the fake stuff. So, enjoy butter guilt free! We do :)

  4. OMG! I love real butter. Especially European butter. Mmm… Have you ever tried making butter from scratch?