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Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for Damaged

          I am writing about damages today. I have recently accepted that I WILL be getting hurt while cooking in the kitchen. Yesterday while cooking breakfast I slammed my hand into the side of a hot pan. I got second degree burns on my thumb and pointer finger. It made me realize that I will aquire many more injuries as I continue my cooking career. I have hurt myself countless other times in the kitchen, but these burns made me think. Mostly because I knew that I would be cooking a lot today and tomorrow since it is Easter time. I knew that it would be hard for me to move and efficiently use my hand (I burnt my dominant right hand) to prepare food.
This is a picture of my thumb that I took today.
I took the picture today because yesterday it was
really swollen and red and I DID NOT want to look at it.
So I saved your eyes and mine by posting
this less offensive picture today.
          Another example of a memorable time when I hurt myself in the kitchen would be when I was about 10 years old. I was cutting an apple using an apple chopper. One of the apple slices did not come out of the blade. So the genius thing that I did was stick my finger inside it and push the apple through. Well, my great idea was a bit too successful. The apple slicer took a deep, triangle shaped chunk of flesh out of my thumb. Yup, that is a typical move that I would make. My mother was in the other room at the time, and I was very happy about that. She literally faints at the sight of blood so I just slapped a band-aid on it and hoped for the best. But that only worked for about ten seconds. That is when I knew that I had to tell my mom. I told her very calmly not to worry. But when she came into the kitchen and saw a paper towel saturated with her daughter's blood that was it. She started to flip out. Before I knew it, my hand was being shoved in the sink and water was rushing over the hole that was in my hand. Then I became all bandaged up with gause pads and then paper towels wrapped around that. Since I refused to go get stitches, my mom had me hold a bunch of paper towels around my hand. It took a whole 15 minutes before the bleeding stopped. My house looked like a murder sceen. That was definitely one of the more memorable kitchen accidents.
Eww... the dreadful apple slicer. Which I
rarely use, even to this day.

          So now that I have shared a couple of my kitchen damages, I want to know your kitchen nightmares. 


  1. I'm a major klutz, in the kitchen and everywhere else, for that matter. You really don't want to know. Be patient with your Mom they tend to be like that where their kids are concerned.

  2. My wife did something similar with a tomato slicer.
    Cuts happen.
    Although looking back, I bet the whole murder scene in the kitchen is rather funny now.

  3. Oh yeah my daughter is learning that as well. She just burned herself making a cake. Part of the journey though.

  4. Those apple cutters make me nervous! I don't like to use them either.

  5. I burnt my hand cooking Christmas dinner. What a bummer. Burns are the worst. Although, once I was using a tomato slicer and nipped the ends of my finger tips. I was so worried I'd cut off the ends of all my fingers, I passed out. I'd only taken off my finger nails. Your mom and I could flip out together!

    Hope you feel better soon!